People and Places

Traveling is not something I do often, but when I have traveled during my lifetime, I make the most of the time. I take lots of photographs to use for painting. I look for people doing unusual creative things and unique scenes such as buildings, reflections, nature, events, etc. which will make a good painting. If you are interested in purchasing a print, you can follow the link to my Redbubble page. The funds help support this ministry. Access to originals may come in the future.

Basket Lady – If anyone is familiar with Low Country South Carolina, you will have encountered the sea grass basket makers. Many set up in the downtown market places in such as Charleston and Beaufort and sometimes they set up on roadsides near their homes. I wanted to capture the craft as well as the artisan as I detailed a basket border.

Chapel of Ease – This chapel ruin in on the island of Saint Helena near Beaufort SC. This area was a popular family vacation spot for us for many years while my late husband was here. Chapels of ease were constructed and used by plantation owners and workers who lived too far from the city churches to go and worship regularly. This one was built sometime during the 1740’s.

Alone in a Crowd – On a trip to Charleston, SC we happened upon this birthday party just getting off of a carriage ride. Oh my goodness, this little birthday girl was having a bad day. It was an “it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” kind of day. My heart went out to her. I have been there.

A Day in Tzfat – On my trip to Israel we went to Tzfat, a quaint little artsy town on the side of a mountain. We got there early in the morning and the scene of the lady walking to her shop with her coffee was intriguing to me. The streets were tight and later in the day four bus drivers picked up a car and moved it out of the way so the buses could get through.

Tallulah Gorgeous – A popular place to visit in the North Georgia Mountains. It is special to me also. One of the most spectacular canyons in the eastern U.S., Tallulah Gorge is two miles long and nearly 1,000 feet deep. I have always enjoyed hiking especially in the mountains.

Bajan Coconuts – From a fun trip with my Mom to Barbados. I had a piece of art in a traveling art exhibit highlighting the historical connection between Barbados and Charleston, SC. I got a quick snapshot of this coconut seller from the bus. I knew it would be a painting when I saw him. The original painting is watercolor.

Sukkot Lulav – I love Sukkot. This is our typical lulav, willow, crepe myrtle, palmetto frond, and a lemon. Nothing fancy, but easy gathering in my neck of the woods. acrylic on canvas.


Animals have always been a part of my family life. I cannot imaging them not being around.

Roaring Lion – This is a recent painting. I feel the call from Yeshua, the Lion of the tribe of Judah as He will be when He returns to the earth for the final destruction of Satan and his minions. This is the theme of my web site. I found a lovely reference photo from Pixabay. The photographer is Robert C. – My painting is a watercolor on paper.

Silver – Silver is one of the many baby goats my daughter nursed back to health after it was rejected by the mama goat. My daughter still has goats but I do not. Watercolor on paper.

Bean – Bean is now about 15 years old and this was painted when he was rather young. When my daughter picked him out as a kitten, they said, “oh, he’s the crazy one.” And we knew he must come home with us. The original is acrylic on canvas.

Rastus – Before I had my own chickens I would go photograph animals for my artwork wherever I traveled. This one may have been at a flea market. I gave him a name after the painting was finished. Watercolor on paper

Miss Thang – Miss Thang lived on the campus of a school across from our home where my late husband worked many years ago. She was one of my many furry friends. My daughter and I got to ride her from time to time. I painted her pink for to match her personality. She was really red. Acrylic on canvas

Pigeons – Fat little guys, huh! They were looking for a snack in downtown Greenville, SC. acrylic on canvas