What is it with homesteading? What is up with that? You have probably noticed people getting back in touch with their agricultural roots lately. You may have even thought of it for yourself and tried some gardening. It is plain to see these days that skills are lacking and the grocery stores and other suppliers are becoming less and less dependable as well as very expensive. So what skills do you have?

I will tell you that while I am no expert in homesteading, I have been experimenting with gardening and raising chickens for awhile. My husband and I do not live off grid, but we make as much effort as possible to be prepared for disaster, apocalypse, or whatever.

So let’s get real. No one can be completely 100 percent ready or prepared. And first and foremost we need to be spiritually prepared so that when disaster strikes we can hear the voice of the Most High and He can lead us to the physical help that we will need. I want to help you find resources that can help you now so that in time of great need you can help yourself, your family and your neighbors.

So what are your physical skills? Do you raise chickens? Do you garden? Do you bake bread? Do you sew? Do you build/repair? Can you hook up batteries for a solar panel? Do you have any medical skills? Whatever your skills are, it is always good to know how to manage and practice your tasks in survival mode without electricity.

I hope I am not the first to inform you that frequent blackouts are coming sooner or later. This is the nature of the world that we are living in and governments are failing to be of caring assistance. Eventually modern services will not be available, especially to those who choose not to be a part of the New World Order.

We need to know our neighbors to be able to trade simple goods and services if there is no way to travel or have use of the banking system. For example: if I have eggs and my neighbor bakes bread or grows nice vegetables, we may have a regular working trade. This local supply chain system is how things worked for thousands of years, people using their skills to help each other live.

So as long as we still have some freedom of speech, I will share what I can to help others get started on this amazing and literally down to earth adventure. I will share what I know from experience and share links for extra help. In the next few weeks we begin with raising chickens, herb gardening and tips on how to use the herbs.

Helpful Links:

Book – Backyard Pharmacy by Rachel Weaver